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RDM IS CURRENTLY one of the most energetic performance groups around & it stands for RUEDA DEL MUNDO . 

Founded in 2009 by moe flex, Fadi K & Anwar Azari, Rueda del mundo took the country by storm becoming the most renowned and successful dance school and the home or rueda in the UK. Due to the popularity of the teachers & the high demand for their participation in international events, the school took a temporary break in 2011 until it was regenerated in 2014 BY FADI K. following the initial vision of making RDM a performance school, FADI K revived RDM to form a performance group dancers which currently performrs in the UK as well as touring with him internationally. 

The team is open to advanced dancers looking to improve their technique as well as performance skills, rehearsals are run at MAZENOD SOCIAL CLUB in kilburn NW6 4LS.


The team is open to advanced dancers looking to improve their techniques as well as performance skills, rehearsals are run at MAZENOD SOCIAL CLUB in kilburn NW6 4LS Every Wednesday 7:30 - 10:45 

RUEDA DEL MUNDO crazy team are auditioning this coming Wednesday (Please text first 07907945534)
 for new talents to join our performance team. 

We're looking for nice genuine people with high dancing skills to get training with us specifically in salsa so you'll have to be an advanced level salsa dancer and leave the rest to us. 

wednesdays (Please call first)
20:00 PM 

Advanced salsa (any style) dancers only
Any other dance skills are an advantage however not necessary.  

RDM is not a 12 weeks course 
Once you are accepted into the team you're expected to attend every rehearsal. (with few exceptions to be discussed in person) 

Rehearsals are on Wenesdays from 19:45 - 23:00 in Kilburn NW6 4LS
You're expected to attend rehearsals on time & commit to all rehearsals every wenesday 7:45 PM. however if there's an emergency it will then need to be discussed with fadi or Cristina privately. (headaches are not emergency - Justsayin) 

AND you're then expected to attend performances throughout your time with RDM however you're not expected to attend and be available for every performance. and as we're looking for people to stay, we would provide you with the maximum training to put you up on stage ready to take it on. 
Our last choreographies have been performed around 50 times in festivals and clubs as well as INTERNATIONAL festivals, you'll be given the dates in advance so you can decide if you can commit to the RDM performance dates or not. However once you click yes on a performance means we promise the event & we can't go back on it. 

This rehearsal session is for you to meet the team and if you like them and they like you and how able you are to cope and join a team of hard working dancers. 

Arrival 20:00 PM - Meet the team 
Warm UP with the team & join the rehearsals on the side as one of us will be with you to guide you. 
i will audition how much you learn of the current choreo & your ability on remembering choreographies 

Then. to a song of your choise you'll dance with members of the team & accept their assessment to your leading or following. 

* ONE SOLO 30 seconds - 1 minute routine i'd like to see of whatever other skills you have & other dance styles or even in salsa, bachata or whatever you think can benefit your audition & add to the group. 


you're crazy about performing so you join our performance team & you're in team A From day one. You're expected to commit & attend all rehearsals as well as learn choreographies and be ready to perform them.

you join RDM as a trainee and train with us and we just put you on stage when we think you're ready & as a replacement for the A team members if they're not available. 
Time is flexible but you will be charged a monthly fee for team B 

* Option 1 = £200 joining fee then £50 a month studio cost ( joining Fee covers you first month)
The joining fee is payable every new choreography (usually about every 11 - 12 months)
The Monthly Fee is paid every 1st wednesday of the month. 

*Option 2 = £150 join in fee then £75 a month that covers training & studio costs.

FREE CLASSES WITH FK DANCE TEAM Every Tuesday & thursday (you must attend at least one class a week to keep the FREE OPTION going)
Massive discounts to festivals throughout the world Especially if you're performing with RDM. 
Paid work is also possible however that's not a promise. 

PERFORMANCES ARE NOT PAID (unless PAID Work is provided to the group) 
Most performances will appear in the UK however your required to de a minimum if 2 international festivals a year with the Team. a request to perform on more international festivals is also possible. 
festival we would perform at are generally at a very low cost & some of them we rewuire them to pay us travels or acomodation so to keep the Cost for RDM at minimum. However RDM might be required to pay their own passes, accomodation & flights dependin gon their budget. 

Please contact us if you need any more information on 
Inbox Fadi K Kassem or FADI K Page.  

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