Fadi K

Dancer, teacher, dj


Fadi is a man of many talents, equally at home teaching salsa or DJ-ing reggaeton.

He discovered salsa in 2002 and since then has gone on to teach and DJ throughout the UK and abroad. In a comparatively short time he has developed a proven track record in many areas and has established himself nationally and internationally. He regularly works with some of the biggest names around the world, be they DJs, singers or dancers. Fadi has worked with organisations as diverse as the Latin Collective UK, the Salsa School of Malta, Salsa Explosion, Salsology, LatinTR Turkey and WR Talent. He’s the founder of the FK dance company and the artistic director for LA RUEDA DEL MUNDO SCHOOL . And the best bit of all this? It’s only just beginning.

The teacher

Fadi is a UKA-qualified teacher, who teaches: Cuban Salsa, La Rueda, Cross-Body Salsa (On1), Cha Cha Cha & Reggaeton at weekly classes, private lessons and weekenders. His teaching credits include:

  • 2010 TOP REGIONAL UK SALSA TEACHER (South-East & London)
  • 2009 TOP REGIONAL UK SALSA TEACHER (South-East & London)
  • Salsa Explosion Bar So – Cuban salsa congress UK
  • Salsa Factory Ware, London
  • Strictly Salsa UK High Wycombe
  • El Grande – Biggest Salsa Party in Europe
  • Explore Salsa Croydon
  • Salsa Cubana London
  • Moe Flex Dance Company London
  • Latin Krazy Bar Salsa
  • Salsa Unleashed Bar Salsa
  • Latin Collective UK Scalalatina, London
  • Salsa School Of Malta Malta
  • Salsadelic Coventry
  • Bristol Salsa Bristol
  • Salsa Soul Woking
  • Salsology Manchester, GBSex Congress
  • WR Talent Salsa Kingdom, Southport
  • Budapest all stars salsa congress
  • Lebanon salsa congress
  • Jordan festival 
  • Malta Salsa festival 
  • Amsterdam salsa festival 
  • Eagle Tours holidays – 6 years – 6 dance holidays a year. 
  • Latin motions – birmingham 
  • Motion city salsa fest 
  • Mambo city Salsa Festival – 5 Stars – heathrow 
  • Romania Salsa Madness 
The dancer

A combination of tuition from some of the top teachers in the UK and his passion for salsa saw Fadi competing early on in his dancing career. He was a success right from the start:

  • 2003 – Tropicana World Open Salsa Championships: 1st place amateur level
  • 2004 – Salsa UK Championship (Bar Salsa Open): 3rd place professional level


He is regularly seen heating up the floor in clubs all around London and beyond, and continues to find new and creative ways to indulge his passion. His infectious sense of humour and smooth clean style mean he is highly in demand and is rarely seen sitting track out.

The DJ

f you need a DJ then Fadi is the man for you. Professional and highly versatile, he has DJ-d around the world – in Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Malta, Holland, Ireland and many more countries and throughout the UK to name but a few.

  • 2005 – Spanish DJ Championship: 3rd place    
  • 2006 – UK Arabic / R&B DJ Championship: 4th place    
  • 2006 – London Urban DJ and International Beat Championship: 1st place    
  • 2010 – UK Salsa Awards – TOP UK SALSA DJ 2010: runner up DJ


Fadi’s sets are known for keeping the dancefloor jumping and the crowd smiling; he plays music that makes you want to stay on the floor right until the very last track and beyond.

Available to play: Salsa (all styles), Merengue, Bachata, Cha-Cha, R&B, Hip hop, Reggaeton, Cubaton, House, Arabic, his own remixes and Latin beats including Latin R&B and Latin house.

Recent DJ Experience: Bar Salsa, London Salsa, Reggaeton Havana Fiesta, London Salsa, Latin house Sahara Nights, London Salsa, Arabic, R&B GBsex Congress, Manchester Salsa, Reggaeton, Bachata Roof Gardens, London R&B, HipHop Tropical club, Spain, Italy R&B, Reggaeton Edge Nightclub, Malta Latin, R&B, HipHop Browns Nightclub, Malta R&B, HipHop, House Colosseum (El Grande), London Salsa, Reggaeton Cuban salsa congress, Bournemouth Reggaeton, Cuban salsa, Bachata Havan Rumba Biggest Cuban show, London Cuban salsa, reggaeton, Cubaton Ciro Pomodoro, London R&B, Hiphop & Arabic TR Dance co. Turkey (Antalya international salsa fest) Salsa, Reggaeton, R&B, Hip Hop afterparty.